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Various Token Types Supported

Constantly introducing and listing high quality digital currencies from all over the world, providing users with various types of transactional services in most digital currencies.

User Experience

We provide 24/7 online customer support to ensure quick and readily available support when needed.

High Liquidity

With a built in Artificial Intelligence market maker that meets the high standards set by Wall Street, our model analysis based on over 250 market parameters, providing 24/7 Customer Support and high liquidity.

Secure and Stable

We conduct the multinodular structure which meets the requirements set by the IT surveillance logical structure from the Financial Industry, ensuring steady operations of our systems. The front and back-end designs, combined with our multi-node and multimodular distributed deployment, scales out our capacity and thus providing better service for our customers.


Mobile Application Coming Soon

Easy Trade with Arthbit mobile app


Digital Exchange Platform

Electric Auto-matching Engine

Your exchange orders generate quick trades, even in your absence, with advanced match-making algorithms and strong communication performance.


Your transaction must be one among thousands in a fraction of a second. Yet, the ultra-low latency exchange does not delay your order.

INR Payment

Start trading directly with the Indian rupees. Indian fiat currency provision makes the platform more liquid and optimizes your trading opportunities.



Access Arthbit and trade anytime using your integrated wallet. By linking it with your bank account, trade, and earn anytime from the comfort of your couch.

Secure your assets

Your deposited crypto assets are encrypted in our crypto wallet. Trade with 100% comfort and 0% concerns.

Buy and Sell 24x7

No matter where you are, deposit funds to your wallet and trade on the go.

Send and Receive Funds

Send and receive funds from your distant peers in a matter of seconds. Easy and lightning-fast.


Your Security. Our Priority

Arthbit never compromises on your security. Your privacy and data are guarded with rigid encryption protocols.

Security Audits.

Bug Bounty

Active bug bounty community that enforces concrete security and expels cyber-vulnerabilities within the exchange network.

Penetration Tests

Your trading platform is securely stabilized with frequent simulated and manual penetration testing measures.


Account Shield.

Access Arthbit and trade anytime using your integrated wallet. By linking it with your bank account, trade, and earn anytime from the comfort of your couch.

Two-step Verification.

Armor your account with an extra layer of security and strictly restrict unauthorized access.

SSL Encryption

The link between server and client is encrypted. Enjoy secure trading in a safe platform.

Cooperative Partners

Get In Touch

24/7 Support

Raise the ticket. Post your query. Get it sorted. Round the clock assistance from the customer support team.


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